Catégorie : Séminaire Exceptionnel

Jeudi 29 Mars, 11h, salle 317 E. Rusaouen

2 séminaires exceptionnels à l’IUSTI de candidats aux postes de maitre de conférence ii) Jeudi 29 Mars, 11h, salle 317 “Dynamique des écoulements turbulents et instrumentation innovante » E.  Rusaouen, LEGI, grenoble,  Dans un premier temps, je m’attarderai sur la cellule

15/03/18 : Alexander Chesnokov, Novosibirsk State University

séminaire exceptionnel en salle 250 à l’IUSTI jeudi  15 mars 2018 à 11h – Alexander Chesnokov – Novosibirsk State University “Dispersive and hydrostatic models of breaking waves on shallow water” The main goal of the talk is to present a method

16/03/2017 – J. Patra – Synthesis of soft solid and their behaviour in suspension

Séminaire exceptionnel – 16 mars 2017 – 11h salle 250 Synthesis of soft solid and their behaviour in suspension Jaysree Patra – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

15/03/2018 – A. Cheskonov – Dispersive and hydrostatic models of breaking waves on shallow water

The main goal of the talk is to present a method for constructing mathematical models of breaking waves. The proposed approach is based on a two-layer modelling, where…

15/03/2018 – K-M. Shyue – An operator splitting method for dispersive wave problem

A new high order numerical method is constructed and applied to dispersive shallow water flows…

06/12/2017 – E. Gennady – Dispersive shock waves in integrable and non-integrable systems

Dispersive shock waves (DSWs) are dynamic, oscillatory structures forming due to dis- persive regularisation of hydrodynamic singularities in conservative or nearly conservative media. Physical manifestations of DSWs include…

01/12/2017 – C. Picard – Mise en suspension d’un milieu granulaire immergé par injection d’air

Les écoulements triphasiques sont présents dans de nombreux domaines tels que la géophysique avec l’étude de l’émission d’hydrocarbures ou la séquestration de dioxyde de carbone dans les sédiments océaniques, ou l’industrie…

11/07/2017 – B. Mehlig – One-parameter theory for DNA extension in nanochannels

The extension of DNA during confinement in a nanochannel has attracted substantial attention for next-generation genomics and as a fundamental problem in polymer physics….

07/06/2017 – E. Meshkov – About the structure of a mixing zone at an unstable interface

The development of instability of an interface of two media of different densities, moving with acceleration, leads to the formation of a mixing zone, which is called, according to the generally accepted terminology, “turbulent mixing zone”…

06/01/2017 – R. Berg – Measuring the vapor pressure of a difficult sample

Microprocessor manufacturers often use a metal-organic vapor to create, for example, copper lines or hafnium oxide dielectric layers. Operating the vapor delivery device requires knowledge of the compound’s vapor pressure, and the most accurate way to obtain that knowledge is also the simplest…