20ème IUVSTA School Vacuum Gas Dynamics (17-21 Septembre 2023)

The School is designed for scientists, engineers and postgraduate students who are not the experts in the rarefied gas dynamics but need to apply this field in their every‐day work. 

The aim of the School is to train the participants in applying vacuum gas dynamics and also to fill the gap between complicated theory and practical needs. The lectures and practical sessions will be given by experts in rarefied gas dynamics, vacuum science, and metrology.  In total, 10 lectures and 8 practical sessions will be given covering many topics in the field of Vacuum Gas Dynamics. The theoretical and computational parts will be focused on kinetic theory, kinetic models, diffusion models, gas‐surface interaction, test particles and direct simulation Monte Carlo methods, while the experimental part will be dedicated to methods of measurements and standards in vacuum systems and vacuum metrology. The part related to applications will cover the gas flows through pipes, pumps, gauges, in small and large vacuum systems using the Molflow software as well as numerical codes based on the Monte Carlo and discrete velocity methods. During the practical sessions, the students will be asked to resolve specific exercises related to material of the lectures using their own laptops. These sessions will be running in two parallel groups supervised by 2 or 3 lecturers at the same time in order to help the students more effectively and to increase the interaction between students and lecturers. 

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