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In his seminal work over 130 years ago, Osborne Reynolds observed that as he gradually increased the flow speed of his initially laminar pipe

Most of the brittle, earthquake-generating deformation that shapes mountain ranges takes place in the uppermost ~15 km of the Earth’s crust. On short time scales

The respiratory tract is protected by mucus, a complex fluid transported along the epithelial surface by the coordinated beating
of millions of microscopic cilia, hence the name of mucociliary clearance.

The impact of a liquid drop has many applications, from combustion to cooling technologies or 3D printing

An Introduction to Non Imaging Optics is made, from first principles to its application mainly in Solar Energy

Gels of fibrous biopolymers are ubiquitous within cells and their rigidity

In our body, many physiological processes rely on active soft material flows. To ensure their biological function…

Creating mechanical structures that have the ability to change shape in a controlled manner

Recent studies have shown that cross-flows oscillatory shear flows can reduce a suspension’s viscosity

Despite its importance in any adhesion and wetting phenomena, there is a fundamental property that is not yet understood in soft solids:

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