Page personnelle – Diogo Barros


Maître de Conférences / Assistant Professor

Aix Marseille Université, IUT (GCGP)

Laboratoire IUSTI, CNRS
5 rue Enrico Fermi, 13453 Marseille, France

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My research field is fluid mechanics and its application in engineering and interdisciplinary fields. In particular, I am interested on the development and application of experimental techniques for the understanding of single/multiphase flow phenomena where turbulence or compressibility effects are present. 

Experimental techniques 

  • Hot-wire anemometry in supersonic flow
  • Velocity measurements in compressible multiphase flow
  • Particle tracking, translation and rotation of large particles

Compressible / Turbulent Flows

  • Heat transfer from cylinders in supersonic flow
  • Shock waves : propagation and interactions
  • Turbulent shear flows, separated flows 


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[11] K. Kokmanian, D.C. Barros, M. Hultmark & P. Dupont, Heat transfer measurements of a nanoscale hot-wire in supersonic flow.                Submitted manuscript.

[10] K. Sasaki, D.C. Barros, A.V.G. Cavalieri & L. Larchevêque, Causality in the shock wave/turbulent boundary layer interaction.                  Physical Review Fluids (arXiv:2012.03285)

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[8] Y.H. Tee, D.C. Barros & E.K. Longmire, Motion of finite-size spheres released in a turbulent boundary layer.                                                          International Journal of Multiphase Flow 133, 103462, 2020 (Copyright: Elsevier)

[7] D. Barros, B. Hiltbrand & E.K. Longmire, Measurement of the translation and rotation of a sphere in fluid flow.                                                  Experiments in Fluids, 59:104, 2018 (Copyright: Springer Nature)

[6] D. Barros, J. Borée, O. Cadot, A. Spohn & B.R. Noack, Forcing symmetry exchanges and flow reversals in turbulent wakes.                              Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 829, R1, 2017 (Copyright: Cambridge University Press)

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[2] D. Barros, T. Ruiz, J. Borée & B.R. Noack, Control of a three-dimensional blunt body wake using low and high frequency pulsed jets. International Journal Flow Control, 6(1), 61-74, 2014 (Copyright: Multi Science Publishing)

[1] J. Östh, B.R. Noack, S. Krajnovic, D. Barros & J. Borée, On the need for a nonlinear subscale turbulence term in POD models as exemplified… Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 747, 518-544, 2014 (Copyright: Cambridge University Press)


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