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The reduced flow rate GT obtained from the experimental results are plotted for both ∆T = 58K and ∆T = 37K. The symbols represent the experimental results for ∆T = 58K of ▽ Helium, P Neon, ⃝ Argon, Q Krypton, and △ Xenon, respectively. The data for ∆T = 37K are plotted with filled markers. The numerical results for the rectangular channel (H/W = 0.0367) for the full accommodation, obtained by the S-model kinetic simulation in (Graur & Ho 2014), are plotted by a dotted line with markers. The numerical results for the flow between two parallel plates with the full accommodation and for Lennard-Jones intermolecular potential in (Sharipov & Bertoldo 2009) for δm < 10 are also plotted by a dashed line for Helium, a dotted line for Neon, a dashed-dotted line for Argon, a dashed-two dotted line for Krypton, and a solid line for Xenon, respectively.


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