01/10/2021 – M. Trulsson – Two new jamming scenarios – oscillatory and directional

Séminaire IUSTI – 1er octobre 2021 – 11h salle 250

Two new jamming scenarios – oscillatory and directional

Martin Trulsson – Lund Univ, Suède

Recent studies have shown that cross-flows oscillatory shear flows can reduce a suspension’s viscosity. Furthermore, these oscillations can push the shear-jamming transition to higher packing fractions. In this talk, we will see that these oscillations lead to a cross-over from steady-state rheology to an oscillatory, distinct from the steady-state one for small oscillatory strains. Moving to elliptical particles, we will see yet another jamming scenario where a suspension flows in one direction but jams in the opposite direction. Applying oscillations to try to unblock these jammed states turns out harder than predicted, leading to protocol-dependent oscillatory shear rheology.