02/10/2019 – F. Liu – Overview of Recent and Ongoing Research of Black Carbon at NRC

Séminaire exceptionnel – 2 oct. 2019 – 11h salle 250

Overview of Recent and Ongoing Research of Black Carbon at NRC

Fengshan Liu – Univ. of Toronto, Canada

Black carbon (BC) emitted from combustion systems have drawn increasing attention from researchers to regulating bodies due to its strong impact on human health and climate. However, there is currently no standard BC measurement method nor reference material. Different measurement methods give quite different BC mass concentrations, which pose challenges in BC regulations and evaluations of the effectiveness of BC mitigation strategies. The Black Carbon Metrology (BCM) team at the National Research Council (NRC) Canada undertakes a wide spectrum of research from fundamental study of the effect of morphology on BC mass absorption cross section (MAC) and effect of detection wavelengths on soot volume fraction measurements using auto-compensating laser-induced incandescence (AC-LII) to applied research of BC emissions from aero-engines, vehicles, and marine engines. In this presentation, in addition to provide an overview of the BCM research activities, I will discuss in some details of recent developments of the CPMA-Electrometer Reference Mass Standard (CERMS) technique as a calibration method for nvPM, the Argonaut mini-inverted soot generator, effects of non-uniform laser fluence and detection wavelengths effect on AC-LII measurements, and the scattering truncation issue of the Aerodyne cavity attenuated phase-shift PMSSA monitor.