14/10/2022 – S. Basu – Spectacular Voyage of Droplets: COVID-19 and beyond

Séminaire exceptionnel IUSTI – 14 oct. 2022 – 14h salle 259

Spectacular Voyage of Droplets: COVID-19 and beyond

Saptarshi Basu – IIS Bengaluru, Inde

I will provide an account of the interesting dynamics exhibited by droplets at multiple length and time scales in COVID-19. In my talk I will introduce how spread of COVID can be through respiratory droplets and fomites. In this part, I will provide a detailed exposition of how respiratory droplet dynamics can be mated with pandemic model to provide a first principle insights into infection spread rate. We will show through experiments using surrogate fluids, such models can be experimentally verified rigorously. Subsequently I will show how fomites form and how the virion are embedded in the crystal network using both contact free as well as sessile droplets. I will also provide some insights on how impinging respiratory droplets penetrate through fibrous networks like masks.