FETH – Feux, Energétique, Thermique et Hydrodynamique

Feux, Energétique, Thermique et Hydrodynamique

Last update : December 20th, 2017

The research activity in the physical transfer axis is conducted by 13 researchers and teacher-researchers. The objective of our research is to contribute to a better understanding of thermal and mass transfers in simple and complex fluids, homogeneous and heterogeneous materials and their interfaces. The activities of the axis are carried out in complementary ways by modeling and experimentation approaches.

 The experimental approaches developed in the axis are aimed at accessing characteristic quantities of the different flows, materials and systems studied by developing specific measurement benches. These measurements can range from the nano-micrometric scale (morphology of a porous medium, interface of a drop or a bubble) to the macroscopic scale of a complete energy system (optimal control of a production of hot water). X-ray imaging, visible or infrared is very present in our activities, to allow in the first place to understand the heterogeneous structure of a flow or a material. The next challenge is to make these quantitative images to access effective properties or property fields of these different environments. The inverse problems in heat transfer are then sometimes a way of answering this challenge, using a parallel modeling approach.

The modeling approach adopted consists, on the one hand, of using commercial codes (Ansys-Fluent, Star-CCM +, Comsol Multi-physics) or “open-sources” (Castem, OpenFoam, etc.) when they own the models. adapted to our needs, and secondly to develop numerical models for specific problems. In all cases, the numerical simulations are confronted with the experimental results for cross validations, then are then used to participate in the understanding of the physical problems considered.

Our research activities are performed in 4 research groups:


  • Heat and mass transfertsTransferts
  • Single and multiphase flows
  • Pure and complex fluids flows
  • Phase changes
  • Heteorgeneous materials morphologies
  • Wall-plasma interactions


In-charge : David Brutin
Involved: C. Abid, H. Bournot, D. Brutin, J.V. Daurelle, T. Fasquelle, J.L. Gardarein, B. Kadoch, S. Launay, O. Le Metayer (Axe ECOCI), C. Le Niliot, M. Médale, F. Rigollet,  L. Tadrist, F. Topin, J. Vicente.
Ph.D students: E. Bissen (expect. grad. 2019), S. Kumar (expect. grad. 2020), F. Smith (expect. grad. 2018), S. A. Toudji (expect. grad. 2018).

Alumni: X. Apaolaza, J. Gaspar, J. Gérardin, C. Rodiet, S. Amiel, A. Castillo, J. Gaspar, N. Lalanne.