PT Surfaces, Interfaces et Instabilités

Surfaces, Interfaces and Instabilities

(a) Human dried blood drops with two different initial contact angles. (b) Visualization of a Poiseuille-Rayleigh-Bénard flow pattern. (c) Experimental-numerical comparision of thermo-convective instabilities occuring in ethanol droplets under evaporation.

Last update: December 20th, 2017


In-charge : D. Brutin and M. Médale
Involved : C. Abid, D. Brutin, M. Médale
Ph.D students : S. Kumar, F. Smith

Alumni: Dr. Sergey Semenov, Dr. Jacqueline Barber, Dr. Damien Serret, Dr. Sébastien Luciani, Dr. Benjamin Sobac, Dr. Antoine Diana, Dr. Florian Carle, Dr. Wassim Bouzeid.
Invited professors: Pr. Oleg Kabov, Pr. Vladimir Ajaev, Pr. Ted Steinberg, Pr. Qui-Sheng Liu,  Pr. Ying Sun.


  • Recent advances in droplet wetting and evaporation, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2018, Download the publication.
  • 3D unsteady computations of evaporative instabilities in a sessile drop of ethanol on …, App. Phys. Lett., 2017, Download the publication.

Summary of the group’s activities

The activities of the research operation “Surfaces, interfaces and instabilities” are carried out at different scales (from centimeter to nanometer). We are interested in transfers through surfaces and/or interfaces, sometimes with instabilities that can be thermo-capillary, thermo-solutal or thermo-gravitational. Whether the fluid is Newtonian or not, flow is coupled to heat and mass transfers with or without phase change. Our approaches aim to understand these couplings in order to better master them.

We are interested in thermo-convective instabilities in natural and mixed convection, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. It involves understanding the mechanisms of instability, characterize thresholds, types of bifurcation (stationary or Hopf), patterns, etc. We also consider taking into account the thermo-dependence of thermo-physical properties and their involvement in instabilities to improve the quantification of heat transfer in these configurations. For non-Newtonian fluids, we will characterize the rheology in the presence of thermal for the fluids charged with nano, micro and millimetric particles with a view to their application to problems of natural convection (Rayleigh-Bénard) and mixed (Poiseuille-Rayleigh-Bénard) with charged or threshold fluids.

We are also interested in heat and mass transfers at the crossroads of physics, chemistry and biology. In the context of complex fluids (nannofluids, paints …) we are interested in drying mechanisms. While for biological fluids, such as human blood, we want to gain, in addition, an understanding of the mechanisms involved in drying (blood drops for medical diagnostic purposes and puddles for the purposes of criminal diagnoses). A new activity is moving towards mooring control in complex situations through the development of bio-inspired solutions (eg Tobacco Mosaïc Virus).

Keywords: thermo-convectives instabilities, newtoniens or complex fluids, phase change, capillarity, wetting, bio-inspiration.



  • Biochemistry, haematalogy and hemostase analysis equipment.
  • Jacomex glovebox for biological experiments.
  • VarioCam HR Head Infrared Camera
  • KRUSS Drop Shape Analysis System (DSA 30)


Detailed research activities in the group

Pool or convective boiling
Pure fluids sessile drop evaporation
Complex fluids sessile drop evaporation
Drops of blood
Drops of colloids
Pool of blood


Graduated Ph.D students


Research fundings

All our research activities are performed in the frame of ESA, CNES and ANR grants:

  • “Drop Evaporation” is a european project driven by ESA onboard the ISS. We use the thermal platform (TP1) in order to investigate with much more time, microgravity quality and with more parameters, the evaporaiton of droplets of pure and complex fluid (Coordinator: D. Brutin).
  • “ARLES” is a french-european project driven by CNES and ESA onboard a space rocket MASER 13. We investigate droplet evaporation with or without an electrical field. Fluids investigated are pure or with nano-particles. Presently the project is in Phase A (Coordinator: D. Brutin).
  • “IMPACHT” is a french-chinese project driven by CNES and CNSA (Chinese National Space Agency) in which we investigate drops and films evaporation in microgravity. Presenlty the project is in phase A (Coordinator: D. Brutin).
  • NANOSURF is a french ANR project driven by Pr. P. Marty at LEGI, Grenoble, France in which we investigate the nanocoating influence on boiling and evaporation for heat transfer enhancement (IUSTI coordinator: D. Brutin).
  • D-BLOOD is a french ANR project driven by D. Brutin in which we investigate the rheology, wetting and drying of human blood


Research collaborations


Past 5 years publications


  • Brutin D., Starov V., Recent advances in droplet wetting and evaporation, Chemical Society Reviews, underpress, 2018, Download the publication.


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