Olivier Pouliquen

Olivier Pouliquen

Research director CNRS

Soft Group, Laboratoire IUSTI

Institut de Mécanique et d’Ingénierie (IMI), CNRS – Aix Marseille University
5 rue Enrico Fermi, 13453 Marseille, France
courriel: olivier.pouliquen at univ-amu.fr

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My research focuses on granular media, on suspensions, trying to understand how these divided material flows. More recently I have been interested in how plants feel gravity, a biomechanics problem involving a granular media.


-PhD on “Wear when moving in sand” with Olivier Pouliquen & Pascale Aussillous  funded ( CIFRE Safe-Metal).
-PhD on “flow of powders” with Olivier Pouliquen & Maxime Nicolas. 


Viscous-inertial transition in dense granular suspension, 2022
F. Tapia, M Ichihara, O Pouliquen, E. Guazzelli Physical Review Letters 129, 078001
The viscous-inertial transition in the rheology of Non Brownian suspension is experimentally analyzed using a custom rheometer. We show that the transition takes place at a Stokes number of 10 independent of the packing fraction.

Rheology of Cohesive Granular Media: Shear Banding, Hysteresis, and Nonlocal Effects,  2021
S Mandal, M Nicolas, O Pouliquen, Physical Review X 11 (2), 021017
Thanks to numerical DEM simulations, shear banding in a cohesive granular material is studied in details and shown to be related to the existence of a shear weakening branch in the friction law

An integrative model of plant gravitropism linking statoliths position and auxin transport 2021
N Levernier, O Pouliquen, Y Forterre, Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 474
A theoretical model is developped to describe the gravitropic signaling pathway involved during the response of plants to gravity, from the motion of the statoilths (the grains at the origin of the detection, to the distribution of PIN protein, which induce flux of auxin, the growth hormone

Insights into the rheology of cohesive granular media 2020
Studying flow down an inclined plane for adhesive particles in DEM simulations, we whow that not only adesion but also stiffness and dissipation control the bulk cohesino of the medium. This effect can be rationalize by introducing an effective adhesion taking into account all the effects.

Cohesion-controlled granular material 2020
A Gans, O Pouliquen, M Nicolas, Physical Review E 101 (3), 032904
A This paper gives the recipe for creating a model cohesive granular medium, in which the adhesion between the grains is controlled by a polymer coating.

Tribute to an exemplary man: Yves Couder 2020
MB Amar, L Limat, O Pouliquen, E Villermaux, Comptes Rendus. Mécanique 348 (6-7), 393-395
A This special volume of the Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences presents articles by friends and collaborators of Yves Couder presenting the man and his scientific achievements.

Brownian granular flows down heaps 2019
A Bérut, O Pouliquen, Y Forterre Physical review letters 123 (24), 248005
A The avalanche dynamics of a pile of micrometer-sized silica grains in water-filled microfluidic rotating drums is investigated and shows that when Brownien effects slow creep of the pile is observed leading to a slow relaxation towards horizontal.
Influence of surface roughness on the rheology of immersed and dry frictional spheres 2019
F Tapia, O Pouliquen, É Guazzelli, Physical Review Fluids 4 (10), 104302
Revealing the hierarchy of processes and time-scales that control the tropic response of shoots to gravi-stimulations 2019
H Chauvet, B Moulia, V Legué, Y Forterre, O Pouliquen, Journal of experimental botany 70 (6), 1955-1967
Rheology of dense granular suspensions 2018

É Guazzelli, O Pouliquen, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 852, P1
Gravisensors in plant cells behave like an active granular liquid 2018

A Bérut, H Chauvet, V Legué, B Moulia, O Pouliquen, Y Forterre
Rheology of concentrated suspensions of non-colloidal rigid fibres 2017

F Tapia, S Shaikh, JE Butler, O Pouliquen, É Guazzelli Journal of Fluid Mechanics 827,R5
A new scenario for gravity detection in plants: the position sensor hypothesis 2017

O Pouliquen, Y Forterre, A Bérut, H Chauvet, F Bizet, V Legue, B Moulia Physical Biology 14 (3), 035005
Enhancing shear thickening 2017

Y Madraki, S Hormozi, G Ovarlez, E Guazzelli, O Pouliquen, Physical Review Fluids 2 (3), 033301
Inclination not force is sensed by plants during shoot gravitropism 2016

H Chauvet, O Pouliquen, Y Forterre, V Legué, B Moulia, Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8
Scaling laws for segregation forces in dense sheared granular flows 2016

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