Compressible Flows, Shock Waves and Interfaces (ECOCI)

 Compressible Flows, Shock Waves and Interfaces

The research axis ECOCI focus on the study of compressible flows. Its academic and research staff is composed by 20 professors and researchers divided in three research groups.

Complementary theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches are developped for the study of both single and multiphase flows. Interaction between shock waves and interfaces (gaz, liquids and solids), high-speed boundary layers and biological subjects are investigated. The experimental facilities are composed by:

  • four shock tubes with cross sections varying from 2 to 20 cm, in particular the variable-inclination shock tube TC80.
  • one continuous supersonic wind-tunnel powered by a 450kW compressor.
  • micro-channels and micro shock tubes for microfluidics and biological studies.

Research topics include :

  • Numerical methods and models for multiphase flows, development of the opensource code ECOGEN.
  • Numerical methods and models for rarefied gas dynamics, out-of-equilibrium flows.
  • Gas laws, phase changes and combustion.
  • Cellular transfection by shock waves.
  • High-speed aerodynamics, shock wave/boundary layer interaction, high-Reynolds number LES simulations, experimental methods.

More details about the three research groups can be found bellow:

  • Heteregoneous Systems and Shock Waves SHOC
  • Supersonic Group GS
  • Out-of-equilibrium Media and Microfluidics MHEM

Head of ECOCI : Prof. Eric Daniel

Academic and research staff
Diogo BARROS, Alain CHAUVIN, Aziz CHIKHAOUI, Jean-Pierre CLERC, Eric DANIEL, Marie-Claude DRUGUET, Pierre DUPONT, Jérôme GIORDANO, Lazhar HOUAS, Georges JOURDAN, Ahmed KAISS, Lionel LARCHEVEQUE, Olivier LE METAYER, Christian MARIANI, Irina GRAOUR, Jacques MASSONI, Jean-Denis PARISSE, Pierre PERRIER, Fabien PETITPAS, Sebastien PIPONNIAU.

PhD candidates
Nabila GACI, Naima DEMNI, Mathieu BRASSEUR, Joris CAZE, Julien MEISTER